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A New Leaf Faculty Presents: a blog is budding...

In true Emergent Curriculum style, this blog is a source for documentation, information, and community news; a fluid and dynamic place to exchange ideas, knowledge, and research, and a place to express opinions about education and human development.

We at A New Leaf wholeheartedly believe that each individual contributes meaningfully to our beautiful diverse learning community. Our hope is that this blog will reflect our journey as a community of learners, allow us to think deeply, and inspire us all to become a voice for what matters in today's world. This is why, parents may use this place to communicate with other parents, whether they are still searching for a school family, brand new to our learning community, or committed to our long-term efforts. This is a place for us to build, grow and flourish as we explore our identities as co-learners in our interchangeable roles as students, parents, and educators.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Come find A New Voice with us.

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