Conversation Starter: What does it mean to be a mom?


As Rose ate her snack this morning, she and Misha talked briefly about the ecology of birds and how the mommy bird makes sure her babies are well fed.

Rose, "My mommy told me that I wasn't happy when I came out of my mommy's belly.  I cried."

Misha, "I wasn't happy when I was born either.  I think most babies cry when they come out."

Rose, "Did you know mommy birds chew up the worm and then the babies eat them after they are chewed?"

Misha, "That's right, Rose.  How would you like it if your mommy chewed up your food and spit it in your mouth?"

Rose, "Well, actually, my mommy got a spoon and helped me eat my peas when I was a baby."

We know that mommy birds chew the worm so that their babies can eat more easily, but is that all they do?  What does it mean to be a mother?  What strategies do different animal mothers use to care for their babies?  How are human mothers and animal mothers different?  What kind of things do mothers do from day to day to help us grow up strong, happy, and healthy?

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Published on by Misha Davydov.

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