Children's Guide to the City

Our city's invasion is underway!

Young children are natural explorers, researchers, and creators; they are masters of “why,” “how,” and “what.”

Inspired by the stories and images of citywide projects in Reggio Emilia, Italy, members of the Tennessee Reggio Study Group set out to create a similar experience in Nashville and its surrounding areas.

Classrooms from area preschools team up with local merchants, non-profits, and other community partners to become co-researchers in a variety of child-initiated explorations, culminating in a citywide exhibition through the months of April and May. Since we are founding actors of A Child's Guide to the City, we are participating for our fourth year in in row in 2016-2017.


In 2013-2014 we featured two projects.

1-Spring Spiders

2- Castles

In 2014-2015 our school gathered under one project.

1- Caps for Sale

In 2015-2016 we exhibited 3 projects.

1-A Place to Lay my Head

2- Familiy is Who We Are

3- Layered Identities