We may need additional teachers in the future.

Qualifications needed:

  1. Child Development Associates degree, or

  2. Bachelors in early childhood education, or

  3. Masters in early childhood education and related fields, or

  4. Extensive experience working in preschools or child care centers and knowledge of DHS rules, Tennessee Early Childhood Developmental Standards, and ECERS.

  5. Commitment to continued professional development.

  6. Knowledge of the Reggio approach to education and willingness to work as co-researchers with the children to develop an emergent curriculum of projects and the exploration of 100 languages.

  7. Ability to integrate and isolate the teaching of language arts and numeracy.

  8. Ability to document and share with others the learning journey of the classroom.

  9. Enthusiasm and ability to develop the outdoor classroom in par with the indoor classroom and to integrate nature/environmental education daily.

  10. Stamina to hike on a hill and endurance for bug bites, ticks, and other wild-life.

  11. Ability to work in teams.

  12. Enthusiasm and patience with advanced social-emotional awareness and skills.

  13. Tools for establishing rituals, care for each other, and for the classroom.

  14. Good communication skills.

  15. Great organizational skills.

  16. A foreign language would be an asset.

  17. Taking good photos to share in Google photo albums.

The pay scale for new employees starts between $12 to $18 per hour depending on qualification levels and years of experience. A complement of benefits are also available. Send you resume and cover letter detailing why you are interested in working with us and how you qualify. Share as much as you would like with us about what inspires you and your hobbies. You may fill the form below and send additional information, 3 letters of references and your resume at, thank you!

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Tell us why you are interested in this position. What is your experience working with children? How will this position fit in your schedule and career goals? What is your philosophy of education? What are your skills, certifications, and hobbies?