Mission to Action

We are educators and we have goals

We are educators with a mission to advocate for lifelong learning; to promote children's rights and culture in community with each other, with families, and with society; to develop outdoor classrooms to let nature be a powerful teacher; to connect with each child in our school; and to enable children's drive to construct knowledge about the world, themselves, and others.

We are members of NAREA (North American Reggio Emilia Alliance), and NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). We are licensed by DHS (Department of Human Services), and we received 3 out of 3 Stars every year.

Our Beliefs

‘A new Leaf’ symbolizes the beauty, vitality, and power of each child.  We believe that every child is gifted, and has the right to explore a rich and safe learning environment.  We believe that children are social from birth, and that they have the need and the right to engage in community with adults and other children.  We feel strongly that society shall not waste or betray children's potential, and that we shall inspire joy, connections, and success for every child.

Our environment

We spend our day between outdoor and indoor spaces to explore man-made and natural materials.  This environment filled with poly-sensorial experiences, hands-on inquiry, nature, and arts supports our Reggio Emilia approach to childhood and education. 

What we do

We are the bearer of joy as we shape the future of society.  We are here to empower children and facilitate communication between children who are collaborating, searching for meaning, asking what, how, and why, and growing together to co-construct knowledge in community with each other, and with adults. We transform everyday experiences into something creative and epic. We empower children to develop perceptual competencies, construct knowledge, use hands that are thinking, communicate, reflect, think some more, self-regulate, and innovate. To support this growth we prepare diverse, and enticing learning contexts in the environment.  We listen to children's words, behaviors, and interests.  We document what we observe, and we use this documentation to promote inquiry and projects where children and adults become research partners in learning. As a consequence, we explore concepts in unusually great depth and from different points of view.  Our projects integrate academic disciplines, languages, and development in meaningful ways. This rich emergent curriculum meets (and often exceeds) the Early Childhood Standards in all subjects. 

We invite you to be involved with us in giving children an authentic childhood.