Summer Program

Daily life

The flow of the day will vary with the camp theme. We will explore concepts related to the weekly theme both indoors and outdoors. We ask that you send a backpack with changes of clothes and a lunch with ice packs. Our explorations and group decisions may take us on many adventures and it is important that your child's belonging can be contained and carried easily.

 We will provide hammocks for relaxation. These will be available as needed, but we will not enforce a nap. Our days will flow from periods of intense action followed by periods of more quiet activity such as puzzles, books and board games. We will explore in the large group of 12 and also have times when we divide in small groups. Our projects will evolve in the Reggio way and deepen with the interests of the students. We will take the time to watch our own pictures and videos on an outdoor screen and reflect on our journey!

Over the years we have developed the habit of planning the programming for the next summer with our campers. When we sat at the table last July many great ideas came pouring forth as you can see below. My favorite was the following: Frogs and fish and things that begin with F.

At the time, we were working hard to make our move to the new location possible. It is with pride and excitement that we now offer Freshwater Ecology in our little creek to kick off our first week of summer 2018. We look forward to sharing this magical place with you and developing these ideas into fun reality!

Week 1: June 4 to June 8 2018  Freshwater Ecology

Come celebrate the tings that begin with F: freshwater, frozen forms, frogs, fish, fishing, families, forest, friends, and fire!

What is a creek? Who lives there? What are the relationships between the forms of life in the water and the forest above? In this ecological study we will seek inhabitants that are seldom seen. This zooplankton and micro-biome will help us uncover how food webs support the large species that we notice. We will discuss the life cycles of insects, fish and frogs. We will also study the anatomy and function of the parts of the body. We will stage stream and ice fishing situations to dissect fish (from the store), cook them, and taste them.  

In this laboratory along the water we will also measure hydrological features such as salinity, transparency, flow, and water quality. This will be done with scientific instruments and our own boat making. We will set up nets to capture drifting insects and fish to assess the diversity of this ecological system.

Week 2: June 11 to June 15 2018  The aMAZEing camp

This week you will try-on two opposite identities. 1- as the pacifists of the lost forest your task will be hiding a treasure within a maze set on the hills of a mountain. 2- as pirates in training, you will develop an obstacle course using patterns of symmetry aimed at fooling the pacifists.

Before pacifists can hide the treasure, they will work in teams to study various puzzling mazes and labyrinths. You will design new mazes and make a model of the most interesting maze. Finally you will go out and recreate this original maze in the forest. You will place the treasure within the maze to protect it from pirates and other unsightly characters.

Meanwhile the pirates will be working to design and install a challenging obstacle course with squares, spirals and other magical numbers. Teams will race within the obstacle course where both physical and problem solving skills will determine various outcomes.

When all has been solved and found, we will reverse roles until everyone wins!

Week 3: June 18 to June 22 2018 Smashcamp

What is Smashcamp? We are putting together an action packed study of natural and manmade destruction, demolition, deconstruction, and decomposition. We are also planning a smashing party to celebrate the summer solstice!

We experience how weather changes with the seasons, but what factors contribute to natural disasters? Are storms, fires, floods, landslides, tornadoes, hurricanes, erosion, earthquakes, and tsunamis predictable or preventable? We will create models of these events and evaluate the factors involved.

Forces of nature seem quite destructive, but does it depend on your point of view?  What about human buildings being subjected to the wrecking ball? Does it matter how we process waste and recycling? Are we operating in the same way as nature? What do we learn by taking things back down to its individual components? Is everything harder to build than to take apart? What can we learn from demolition and deconstruction? Are they the same thing?

In the garden we will study how organic and inorganic materials decay and decompose. Which materials get finer and finer, which recombine to form new materials?

As we pounder all of these questions, move things around, and grind or glue things back, the heat of the summer will be upon us. We will read about and re-enact some of the summer solstice celebrations from around the northern hemisphere.

So as we uncover cycles of reorganization, rebuilding, renewal, and regeneration of materials and energy, we will invite all families to join us for a special celebration!

Week 4: June 25 to June 29 2018       Get in gear

Now we build anew...This week we will reinvent the wheel! How were simple machines created and which immediate problems did they solve? 

We will start with the mechanics of how things move and rotate in all directions. We will make our own pulleys, windlasses, dams, wheels, pumps, and other machines.

Using these tools, we will make assemblage art that moves with various levels of mechanized automation.

As we work, we will film the process and create an original documentary masterpiece!

Week 5: July 9 to July 13 2018 Potions and Perfumes

Who does not like to mix things together? We will practice chemical techniques to create various tonics, tints, elixirs, brews, concoctions, potions, lotions, extractions, concentrations, fragrances, and perfumes.

We will change our stage daily to pretend to be working in a castle, a restaurant, a hospital, a lab, and a fashion salon. So get ready to be creative with your crafty potions and your perfumes business!

Week 6: July 16 to July 20 2018  Underground

What is going on in the dirt? Who lives there? What is soil useful for?

The soil is where we find the 5 kingdoms of life and a wealth of mutualistic and antagonistic interactions. What do you know about species interactions? Come share your knowledge and gather some more as we find out the answers to your deepest, your most hidden questions: Who eats whom? How far and wide do roots really go? How long do insect larva crawl around in the dirt? How far do worms travel?

Not only will we study the organisms that we dig out on our way to the rock bed, but we will also investigate the soil structure. We will use this soil to recreate ancient technologies such as arrowheads, clay pots, and sand sculptures. This will be muddy fun!

Week 7: July 23 to July 27 2018      Games

This week we will study the 45 presidents of the United States of America in a very special way.

We will research their favorite board games and sports. Once we find out what they did as a hobby, mastered, or championed, we will recreate them and play.

Who was president when monopoly first appeared? Who loved to play battleship? Which president was an avid chess player? Did you say he liked to play “one old cat”, baseball, basketball, cricket, volleyball, bowling, golf, croquet, football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, badminton, or roller blading?

Join us in our final week of the summer to experience a game for every stage of our democracy, and make a prediction: when we elect a women as president what will be her favorite game?

Please read the Summer Program Handbook below since several procedures have changed in the new location. Thanks!

Summer Camps for students ages 5 to 12 years old

Come explore our new location on 33 acres and a creek!

Summer 2018:

Tuition: $250 per child per week
Hours: 8:00-3:30 with After Care option until 5:30 that you can purchase separately below.

After Care runs from 3:30 to 5:30 and you may pick-up at any point in time. The fee is always the same at $24 per day and this is also the late pick-up fee. Purchase the number of days that you need. Thank you!

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